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Thanks to all our players for helping us reach maximum capacity in our first national players meeting of 2021.

In session one, coach Tony explains the concept behind the FC offensive system and how every player can use it to their advantage

Coach Tony explains the concept behind “The Range” pitching and charting system to FC coaches on their weekly “Talk The Game” meeting


Tony Rico discusses the FC Culture at Big League Dreams in Chino Hills.


Sis Bates joined us this week for our national player’s call to talk about her time with the Firecrackers and experiences at the University of Washington

Here’s a quick celebratory look at the last 7 years and some of the special people who made us #FCStrong.


This week we talk infielding with Jorge Araujo, Katie Medina and FC coach Tony Medina. Great conversation with truly great people about the art of infielding.

Coach Tony is joined by Tony Medina and FCNC Coach Heath Miller as they talk about what “soft hands” look like and how to develop them with our younger players.

Coach Tony talks with FC coaches Tony Medina, Sal Mata, Vic Juan and Jason Hanawhine about the characteristics of the best fielders in the game.


Nani Arreola (left) and ILo Brittingham (right) from FC Holcomb/Robinson 16U join us on the latest episode of “FC BESTIES”. Nani and ILo sit down to see how well they know each other!

How well do you know your Firecracker Teammate Bestie?

FC Rico player’s Kennedy Bunker (Left) and Emily Jones (Right) sit down to see how well they know each other sharing life on and off the field.

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